The time has finally come to introduce all our troops to the art of mobile warfare. From today on, the fully revamped mobile client for Call of War will be available to all players

Call of War MMORPG WW2 Update

By Editor    Posted on Jul 11, 2017

Dear Generals,

Did you ever want to relive history and be within touching distance of real World War II vehicles - and as a bonus meet the makers of Call of War in person? This will be possible in early September: Bytro will be an official partner of the Belgian TANKS IN TOWN event, a unique exhibition of WWII armored vehicles taking place in Mons, Belgium.

The biggest news is our Call of War mobile release for everyone!

The time has finally come to introduce all our troops to the art of mobile warfare. From today on, the fully revamped mobile client for Call of War will be available to all players. During the open beta, you will be able to switch between the mobile and desktop version by using the button added to the loading screen. Simply direct your mobile browser to and try it out now.

To celebrate the release and help you get accustomed to the new interface we have prepared a quick info sheet showing the most notable improvements to the client. Make yourselves ready for the upcoming battles!

We also hope you were able to adjust your tactics and strategies to the latest balancing changes. A new scenario approaches us as fast as the M18 Hellcat, detected by our local spies. They have sent us a notice about the current situation in the field. Your support is needed.

Test your strategies on the new 50 player map America 1942: Homefront!

“Civil War breaks loose! The American States declared their independence. North and Central America are in disarray. We must choose now, general: Which of the 50 states shall be the home base of our operation. We await your answer!"

Map Information:
- Fight in 3 different regions: USA, Canada and Latin America
- 50 player countries with 25 provinces each
- 5 urban, 12 resource producing provinces, 2 double productions, 50 victory points
- 32 AI countries with 3-18 provinces of 3-14 victory points each
- More accurate terrain than on older maps
- Control 1664 victory points to win

We also made some design changes to our shop!  As with the old shop, you will be able to buy different Gold packages using a wide range of different payment methods. High Command (premium account) and surveys that let you earn Gold are still available as well. While making the new shop more modern and refreshing we still stick to our Call of War theme. You will have a great overlook over all possible offers and a more intuitive shopping experience. As a nice side effect, you are making it possible for us to keep the game running and improve Call of War further. Thank you very much!

Call Of War New Shop Update

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