Walkthrough Wednesday Big Bang Empire. This is one of the most popular downloadable erotic games, Big Bang Empire.

Walkthrough Wednesday Big Bang Empire

By Admin    Posted on Oct 3, 2018

This is one of the most popular downloadable games, Big Bang Empire.

Big Bang Empire is one of the games that is available for download on this site. It is an erotic/Adult game where you are an adult actor/actress trying to make a career in the Adult film Industry. To download the game you have to be a member, if you are not, make sure to sign up. Once you have signed up, type in the search bar Big Bang Empire. The game will then pop up with the different devices that you can download the game for. Select your device download and accept when installing. 

The world is full of adventure, just not in your little hometown Tellville. A career in the erotic showbiz is obviously the best way out of there. So sign up for ridiculously funny missions and conquer the blue movie Olympus! Big Bang Empire casts a humorous glance at one of mankind’s favorite pastimes and the business that surrounds it. Create your individual adult movie star, improve your skills, collect sexy items, team up with fellow stars in a studio and show everybody else who's boss! (But don't show it to your boss)

Creating Your Character

Once you have opened the app the first thing you will do is select the gender of your avatar and then you can alter and change the features of your character. Once you have created your character you then need to decide on a name and register. You are then set up and ready to get your career going. You will then go to the main menu where you can access everything you need to handle and manage your career. First things first tap on "Your Star", this is your stars profile that. Your character's profile consists of a profile picture, description, your style as well as your strengths and weaknesses. Make sure you have the perfect profile picture to capture the Big Bosses attention! An "outfit" change is next, you can either stick to the original outfit or change it to your liking. Adding more stamina, charisma, strength and finesse to your character will make them more valuable for jobs. By making sure you have the perfect items to wear, the perfect profile picture and strengths, this will cost you money and diamonds, so make sure that you have enough otherwise you need to make more. Let the job hunting begin, it won't be a smooth road but I'm sure you will ride every bump as it comes along. 


The game will help you along the way to get you going. The further you go in the game and the more tasks you complete, the more rewards you get. To earn more money diamonds and experience you can work while completing missions. For work tap on work and a list will come up, look through all of them to see which job will make you the most money and benefits you the best. While working you can carry out short tasks or jobs to earn extra cash and gain more experience while putting your name out there. Each mission has different offers so be sure to look through all of them before you chose. One mission could offer 20 strength, 10 stamina and 250 cash for a 2-minute task. Whilst another job could offer you 5 fineness, 21 stamina and 150 cash for 1 minute. It is your decision to decide which job is best for your career and to make money. Complete levels and try not to get shafted by your enemies.

Here is an example of a mission, "Today is hot and humid on this summer evening in Telville - and now you have checkout services in the loophole. You open the top buttons of your top, but even that is not enough. You won't manage this for a single hour. Come up with something!" 

Task duration 1 minute, 1 energy, 18 notes and 80 experience as a reward. What do you do??

If you don't like any of your mission, you can refresh the mission but it will cost you 20 diamonds. When you first start out, missions are few as you are still new to the adult film industry. Try to do every mission possible at the beginning as more missions will start to roll in. When accepting a mission you can either wait the time it takes you to complete that mission or you can instantly finish for 10 diamonds. Some mission will reward you with accessories in your inventory. Go check your inventory every so often as you will find some cool stuff and some of them have powers. If you want to resell an item, tap on that item and then click resell and you will get money. To buy new items of clothing or accessories, go into the sex shop and you can browse, to refresh the goods this will cost you 10 diamonds. Always remember to go back to the work page and collect your money from the job you have completed. In the fighting mission, you go off against your opponent to see who is better and stronger. Based on your strength, stamina, charm and finesse compared to your component will determine who wins. If you are low on energy and tired from doing hard jobs all day, there are boosters that can boost your energy, stamina and strength, but for a price. If you run out of money and diamonds, the is the purchase store called "Buy Diamonds" tap on that and purchase a package of your choice. Payment can be made via many options such as PayPal and more. The more missions you complete, the faster you move on to the next level. Your main goal is to make enough money so that you can open up a studio and be the next big rising star in the erotic film industry.

Creating a Studio

To create a studio tap on studio, in order to create your own studio you need to have $500. If you have $500 you then create a name and a description for your studio. Once you've created your studio you will have the bare minimum and basics just to make up your studio. It isn't pretty but it does the job. You need to create a logo for your new studio so that it draws the attention of famous adult actors/actresses, studios and big bosses. To make your studio perfect you need to spend some cash dollar and make it the best in the business. You want your studio to create the next big erotic blockbuster! Once you do that the fils will keep on rolling and you will be the studio that everyone wants to get sweaty in. There is a ranking so if you want to see where you or your studio is on the list, tap on ranking to see where you are and how much more you need to do in order to climb this strapping industry. 

Big Bang Empire is a fun game that lets you build up your own erotic studio in the ever-growing adult film industry. A simulation game that stimulates more than just your brain so you can get ahead. If you enjoy games that allow you to grow your own business while having some naughty fun, this is the game for you. Try not to slip up as this is your only chance to blow up and become a star. Take action and download the game now!

Compatible Devices: Andriod, IOS, PC

Age Rating: 16+

Overall Rating: 8/10

Press Release By Big Bang Empire Developers

Fans of the free browser game Big Bang Empire have been waiting for this for a long time - now the time has come! For the very first time, the development team of Playata and the game publisher European Games Group is starting an international server! From now on, fans of erotic have the opportunity to advance their career in the global erotic business, compete with movie stars from all over the world and thus expand their national reputation on a global scale. 

Furthermore, players can look forward to a boisterous party tent atmosphere. Starting from October 1st, 2018, a hot Oktoberfest special will take place in Big Bang Empire for a full week. In addition to 13 tempting, traditional Oktoberfest items that can be found in the shop, players can build up an erotic tent within the big collecting event in the game. Completing the tasks of the event will grant players five more sexy items for their Oktoberfest wardrobe. 

Big Bang Empire illustrates, without actual nudity but remaining sexy and fun, one of mankind’s most cherished pastimes and the business that surrounds it. Players slip into the role of a budding adult movie star and take their chance to conquer the blue movie Olympus! With its brightly colored comic-style graphics, Big Bang Empire is clearly inspired by the classics of the erotic game genre and aspires to be just as outrageously funny as its famous predecessors.

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